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How to make a difference?

Many children of Siem Reap live in slum areas and are extremely poor. Most of the parents in the slum areas are illiterate and have very poor numeracy skills. As a result of their poor education, their job prospects are very limited to non-existent. The parents who manage to find work are paid very little for extremely hard labour and menial task, with most receiving less than $1 per day. The children of these impoverished family situations hardly have meals. The meals that are available are of such poor nutritional value that they suffer from malnutrition. In such a weak condition, illnesses that we consider a distant memory or much less life-threatening (such as cholera, tuberculosis and hepatitis) are common place.

Unfortunately an education is a pipe-dream for many and the children are forced into work to help the family to survive. Very young children are often seen carrying large bags while scouring the streets for rubbish to sell to recycling stations, earning less than 50c a day.

Our programs

Our programs provide one sound meal each day the children attend school. The meals are prepared, cooked and served to the children at the school to guarantee that they will have a chance at improving their health and wellbeing. In addition to the guaranteed nutritional meal the programs also provide a free education in English, Maths, Moral studies and basic computer skills. In addition, the whole family is monitored by the Community Support Department ensuring the entire family gets a helping hand. We have many one-off donation options to provide help, such as bikes, family necessities and housing repairs.

Your donation of less than $2 a day will make a big difference.